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Markus Wiederstein in study of the consultancy market in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria

Markus Wiederstein, managing director and partner at POLARIXPARTNER, recently took part in a study by Source for Consulting about the consultancy market in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, carried out on the basis of around 100 customer interviews and results from 40 consultancies.

The results have now been released, showing that growth in the sector in 2012 was weaker than in 2011, as Markus Wiederstein confirms: “2012 was a very good year, especially at the beginning, but the fourth quarter was far weaker than expected." At POLARIXPARTNER, however, we were able to pull away from the market as a whole thanks to above-average growth. Our expectations for 2013 are similar,” continues Wiederstein, “with the Euro crisis continuing to influence the situation.” This is also reflected in the survey results, which show cost cutting as a major topic of discussion: “More than 40% of our business is about lowering costs,” says Wiederstein. “The automotive sector, especially in the premium brand segment, remains a very strong market, but demand in the construction industry machine segment was weak, and crisis control was in demand. Spaceflight and defence too, was badly affected due to budget cuts.”

The Source for Consulting analysis also shows increased specialist and sector knowledge being requested by companies, and consultancy companies need to adapt their service offering to these requirements, being able to offer understanding of not only processes and problems, but the relevant technology as well.  The study reveals that customers would increase their uptake of consultancy services if they were able to offer this level of service; in this regard, POLARIXPARTNER is well positioned on the market, as Wiederstein underlines: “There is a lot of work in project auditing, and in some cases, the projects involved are large: e.g. when a client comes to us with the installation of a new CRM system across several functions both in-house and at third-party customer premises. In this kind of case, clients are recognising that they need professional management competency, not a generic consultancy concept. Programme management needs to be carried out by experts versed in the field, especially in the kind of highly-complex, high-calibre projects our clients come to us with.”

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