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New cooperation with matworks GmbH

Combined competences in pursuit of a clear objective.

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a cooperative market partnership with Matworks GmbH, a leading company with state-of-the-art competence in the latest materials and future technology trends. As a business partner, we will now be able to strategically expand our know-how in the areas of cutting-edge materials development, applying sound materials science knowledge, advanced technical testing, and customised software engineering solutions. This promising tie-up between engineering competence and academic physics and chemistry will allow us to find holistic approaches to solving specific client problems – and then help to implement them. Electric transportation solutions above all require custom materials which conform to tightly defined specifications. We have already implemented a range of client projects in energy storage technology and high-performance magnets, with a focus on bottom-up costs as well as on accounting for future developments. We are looking forward to lots more exciting projects with Matworks in the near future. Here’s to a successful partnership!

“With the technological expertise of Matworks GmbH, especially in industrial and process technology, and the established competence of polariXpartner, we can offer real synergies in the exciting future technology of the electric car and provide our customers with genuinely convincing responses.” (Dr. Alwin Nagel, Managing Director of Matworks GmbH)

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