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True to the company motto "PREVENTION. OPTIMIEREN. POLARIXPARTNER, the management consultancy for the manufacturing industry, has rolled out its new website. The website not only provides all important and up-to-date information on the company, but also serves as a comprehensive knowledge base for the four industrial sectors in which POLARIXPARTNER is active as a consultant: AUTOMOTIVE, MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY AND PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY, AIR AND SPACE, as well as MECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND PLANT ENGINEERING.

The new conception of the POLARIXPARTNER homepage is based on a modern screen design including search engine optimization and shorter loading time. The site also focuses on current programming. The look and function of the new homepage are clearly structured, tidy and user-friendly. The company's corporate colour dark blue also dominates the new website, which has been given a much better overview thanks to the clear navigation and a more modern look. The fresh content of our service portfolio offers all interested parties, clients and partners comprehensive information. You can also benefit from our own benchmark centre: Here, we are consistently and goal-oriented in our search for ideas for methods, procedures and processes so that above-average and rapid cost and competitive advantages can be created in a sustainable manner.

POLARIXPARTNER is a reliable guide star on the road to success for its customers, symbolized by the constellation of the Little Car in the centre of the new website. The expertise of POLARIXPARTNER is carried off on the individual stars. In the further course of the homepage, the user will receive information about the industries that POLARIXPARTNER advises, he will get to know the corporate philosophy, the consulting concept, the management, the corporate video and other pillars of the corporate identity. Applicants can find out everything important about the current vacancies and the application process on the newly created career pages.

With the new Internet presence, the focus is much more strongly on the category Insights with currently 28 whitepapers and studies based on POLARIXPARTNER's own market surveys and analyses. Written by our consultants, you will gain global expert knowledge and valuable insights into the manufacturing industry with its challenges and opportunities. We are constantly expanding this knowledge base and supplying you with relevant insider information from the manufacturing industry.

Now we wish you a lot of fun on our website.



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