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POLARIXCOSTING | Upgrade with CO2 Calculator function

Costing software for product and service costs

The Corona pandemic led to a significant drop in global CO2 emissions, which are likely to increase on an even higher level after the measures have ended. We assume that this positive crisis effect will get worse by the focus on a rapid economic recovery after Corona and the resulting reluctance to invest into CO2-reducing technologies.

In the medium term, prices for CO2 certificates will rise in order to meet climate targets beyond 2020. Therefore, the sustainability performance of companies and thus the key performance indicator (KPI) CO2 will become a decisive parameter for the longterm success of a company in the market.

POLARIXPARTNER has been successfully supporting its customers for years in the calculation of manufacturing costs per product. In addition, with our calculation software POLARIXCOSTING we offer the possibility to additionally calculate the CO2 emissions per component.

The calculation covers - among others - the emissions of:

  • Raw materials
  • Machines & tools
  • Space & energy requirements
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Operating materials
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Overhead costs
  • Employees & operators

Our experts analyze and optimize your individual cost structure systematically, objectively, quickly and in a climate-friendly manner

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