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POLARIXPARTNER - Securing Competitive Advantage through Virtual Benchmarking


Considering the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions, businesses are required to adapt to changes never envisioned from material shortages, non-traditional working conditions, changes to product development cycles.

These dramatic changes are driving the need for corporate cost discipline. In times of volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and unclear international markets, leading companies have seized upon the opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors through innovation, in-depth competitive assessments, and the resulting reduction of costs through the value chain.

POLARIXPARTNER has successfully provided product benchmarks for global companies with participants worldwide for several years, generating ideas for cost reduction and offering support in leveraging supply chain, commercial, technical, and production improvement potential. We have refined our approach to meet the challenging business conditions of the remote workforce with virtual product review and development workshops.

We look forward to sharing our expertise with you. Click here for the video!

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