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VDE study: Electromobility is a test for Germany as an automotive location

Is the German automotive industry well prepared for the transition to electromobility?

The German automotive industry must fundamentally reinvent itself in order for it to remain competitive in the future.
The VDE Automotive Report highlights the way forward: Electromobility as the drive of the future, digital skills as the key to success, recruiting skilled workers worldwide, along with the achievement of advanced productivity by applying the use of artificial intelligence.

The VDE Automotive Report also calls for affordable e-cars in Germany, that of which will require the development of new production concepts, innovative materials and smart business models. In addition, a new narrative for the mobility of the future in society and resilience, such as the independence from specific regions, raw materials or technical components would be a most welcome step forward.

Here you will find the VDE Mobility study “Germany as an automobile location in 2035. An opinion leader report from politics and business”

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