Product Value Design

Avoiding costs in the concept phase.

In the current positive economic climate, many companies are focusing intensively on bringing products to market as quickly as possible and, as a result, are neglecting measures to ensure that cost-effective value design is anchored in the early development phase of each of these products; this trend is strengthened by capacity shortages and sub-optimal resource use. At the same time, up to 80% of the final product costs are caused during the development process and signed off at this early point. POLARIXPARTNER excels at supporting clients in this decisive phase, offering professional, efficient product value design to help secure ambitious costs savings targets. Our consultants apply their experience of numerous project and management situations to examining current processes and optimizing them for future projects, without requiring more than 20% of your organization’s capacity. Customer-orientated value design projects successfully completed in the concept phase by polariXpartner to date have shown that our clients can expect a return on investment as early as three months down the line. Start taking preventive measures now: the later on in the production cycle you try to reduce your costs, the greater the expenditure and capacity you will need to invest in so doing!

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