The growth Adventure

New markets for the automotive industry in the “post-BRIC” period

Only yesterday, the monetary sluice gates were being opened to prevent the looming financial meltdown in the global economy’s engine room: today, confidence is returning. Of course, there are those of us who query China’s continuing wirtschaftswunder, but that hasn’t stopped the world’s stock exchanges reaching new heights (by way of occasional lows), pulling the two-hundred day trend curves upwards. Meanwhile, exports are booming, and Doomsday has, it seems, been rescheduled for a later date. The automotive markets, too, are once again showing signs of life, with the sales from the 16 most important carmakers in 2013 climbing to 71 million vehices: by 2020, the 90-million mark will be in the rear-view mirror and, given demand from emerging economies, growth in the market is set to hold at over three percent, rather than the 2.5 percent that have been the order of the day over the last fifty years.

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