Study of customer benefits: tailor made from "head to toe"?

Product development with customer benefits as main focus

In Germany, the land of engineers, development departments of the manufacturing industry have a very good reputation! But are products developed for the benefit of the customer? The transformation of many industries opens up new opportunities for innovation and business models. Customer needs are already changing more dramatically and faster than ever before. Perceptible customer benefits become the criterion to optimize products and service offers and are already replacing the pure product and cost optimization of many industries today. The investigation of this thesis is the subject of the POLARIXPARTNER customer benefit study.

What about the current integration of customer benefit into product development at top companies in the manufacturing industry? Do customer benefit analyses have a place only in customer-oriented departments such as marketing and sales, or also in other business areas? Is maximum customer benefit taken into account in product development, or is customer value deliberately kept at a low level to keep product costs under control? Is a customer benefit compared to the respective costs in terms of value and cost management? Which department can evaluate the customer benefit independently and precisely? Are interdisciplinary potentials used? To answer these questions, we examined a study on the current treatment of customer benefits in the respective companies in the context of personal and online surveys. White paper only available in German.

(only available in German)

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