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CO2 balance optimization

Sustainability and environmental compatibility is getting more and more attention. Not only the sheer amount of new products, but also their composition including plastics, metals but also hazardous substances lead to bigger and more complex to recycle piles of waste. Today’s house appliances, garden tools and cars contain PCBs, displays, batteries, hybrid materials and adhesive joints which complicate revalorization or leave this unutilized in practice. Furthermore during production, transport but also during mining of applied resources huge amounts of CO2 are released which harm our environment.

At the same time consumer awareness of this set of problems is increasing significantly and more and more customers pay attention to environmentally compatible products, a closed recycling loop and a good CO2 balance sheet. On top of that also legal requirements and constraints towards producers and retailers are getting more strict and economic incentives are created, e.g. via CO2 certificates.

Therefore recycling and CO2-emission should be taken into account during a product development already!

But how does the CO2 balance sheet and the Carbon Footprint look like for a certain product concept? Which materials and manufacturing processes are as CO2 neutral as possible and allow for an optimal recycling and revalorization? How to design a product to ensure an easy repair in case of defects or give a best possible chance for a second life? How can existing products be improved towards these targets? And what is the impact on product costs?

For many companies this is a more and more important but in the same time very complex field of action, because in the end it is about the right balance – to achieve an optimal CO2-balance, to design the product recyclable but to keep the cost level competitive in the same time.

Our experts analyze and optimize your individual cost structure systematically, objectively, climate friendly and sustainably!

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