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The aerospace industry is growing due to the increasing mobility. However, challenges are also increasing: profitability, on-time delivery or the willingness to embrace greater innovation advances need to be fulfilled in order to have a competitive edge in global competition. In addition, ambitious climate protection goals are gaining importance: By 2050, CO2 emissions in air traffic are said to have halved. Ultimately, those who best succeed in integrating these requirements will be able to compete without losing any of their technical quality and innovative strength. An additional challenge for the aviation industry is to harmonize process landscapes and further develop digital knowledge management.

We support leading aerospace companies with expertise in current and future challenges: from development, production and sales, to services, obsolescence management and digital transformation - we have the right strategy for every area.

"The last ten years have fundamentally changed the aerospace industry. Growing environmental awareness in the absence of alternative energy sources and drive concepts has shaken the industry. The need to focus on lighter materials and wireless networking systems is still considered too risky. The consequences: A lack of innovation leads to a real 'paralysis' in the development of new concepts. This leaves resources unused and the aviation industry maintains the status quo. But those who seize the opportunity to be the first to encounter structural change will fly high and rule the sky in the future. "

Bernd Straub | Partner at POLARIXPARTNER

Areas of activity in the aerospace industry

Aerospace needs optimal organization to deal with time pressure and quality requirements! POLARIXPARTNER supports you with the expertise of industry experienced consultants. Whether optimizing production or supply chains or increasing efficiency despite complex requirements - comprehensive company analyses and the implementation of suitable measures help you concentrate on your core business.


Technological trends and innovations |New business models & strategies|Customer value optimization |Competitive & Benchmarking analysis |Turnaround |Due diligence |Red Flag analysis |Risk & opportunity analysis

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Target Costing | Design to Cost (DtC) | Value Engineering | Value analysis | Best Practice Benchmarking | Optimization requirements & specifications| Optimization of Product Development Process (PDP)

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Value & Cost management| Purchasing Strategy & Optimization| Optimization of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) | Supply Chain Optimization | Overall Supply Chain Effectiveness (OSE) | Bottom-up Cost analysis for parts price, tool costs, development & software costs| Supplier negotiations

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Operational Excellence | Optimization of plant network | Optimization of direct & indirect areas | Insourcing & Outsourcing | Design-for-Manufacturing (DfM, EHPV Optimization) | Product relocation & Start-up management |Implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions

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Project Audit | Project management & controlling | Opportunity & risk management | Project management coaching | Professional implementation support | Interim management

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Building new organizational structures | Implementation & monitoring of change projects | Change Management | Trainings at POLARIXACADEMY | Training on the Job | Coaching & know how transfer

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Challenges in the horizon

With our know-how in consulting and our team of specialists in the aerospace industry, we stand by your side and master new challenges together.


As a team of experts, we support you in setting up and securing new logistics and supplier concepts, and offer solutions for global procurement in accordance with the highest quality and documentation standards.


We encourage you to make the leap in innovation as we help you with the standardization of processes and the development of hardware-based science, technology and engineering, up to system-based engineering solutions.


We support you in managing projects in small quantities, provide the necessary know-how and help you optimize innovation and development processes.


We offer technology expertise at the highest level! Our experts will assist you and others in digital transformation processes, the harmonization of process landscapes and
digital knowledge management.


Hand in hand with your organization, we review process responsibilities and roles. In this way we guarantee an optimal procedure for the development of know-how during ramp-up phases, and minimize the loss of knowledge during ramp-down phases.

Examples of aerospace projects

In recent years, the aerospace industry has undergone major changes. Together with you, we analyze and question the developments in the industry and design new solutions.

Target cost achievement through design-to-cost principles

Target costing in the early design phase through design-to-cost principles of a system supplier to the aerospace industry.


The main question of the customer was: How can the set cost target for the devices of the leading edge be achieved? Cost management had to be examined decidedly, since target costs were clearly above the financial target. The principles of the DTC and DFM for achieving the cost-optimized overall system were established.

POLARIXPARTNER was given the task to determine an effective system design within seven months - including the selection of strategic suppliers and the implementation of target costs, as well as an optimization of the manufacturing process.



  • Analysis of the system design in the early development phase
  • Creating cost transparency
  • Conducting DTC workshops to identify best practice in design and functional concepts
  • Determination of the target costs
  • Supplier workshops
  • Identification of cost drivers
  • Workshops for the negotiation of target prices
  • Nomination of suppliers


  • Determination of the most cost-effective system design for the future series and implementation of the planned target cost
  • Achievement of the financial target

POLARIXPARTNER Aerospace Insights

Aerospace is an industry that is subject to high market requirements. With our industry knowledge in your area of expertise, we develop efficient solutions for your needs. The Insights tells you what moves the industry.

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