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Our values

Your trust is our motivation

Principles of our actions

We at POLARIXPARTNER see ourselves as a partner to our customers and are committed to their cause with dedication and passion: from cost management and strategy development, to increased efficiency - our consultants stand by your side with a high degree of social competence and know-how. Other important basic principles of our work: in each of the projects entrusted to us, we always put ourselves in the position of our customers and make their challenges our tasks. We act as drivers of change and provide the necessary impulse for your progress. We always coordinate strategies with you first. Such a close and collaborative teamwork is an important pillar for the successful implementation of your goals.

Our experience has taught us that we can achieve a lot by ourselves, but together we achieve greatness.


Our consulting approach

Team of experts

Insiders with practical experience for practical implementation. Our consultants are specialists in their field! They bring their expertise, industry experience, social competence and passion to your project.

Manufacturing Think Tank

Industry thought leaders. Innovation management requires lateral thinking and creative solutions. We also supply unconventional ideas for your progress.

Idea makers

Working together to turn concepts into reality. Target-oriented and focused on implementation, we develop concepts for your company - efficiently, honestly and in a result-oriented manner!


Progress needs challenge. That's why we need critical food for thought and the questioning of existing concepts. You will not find any yea sayers among us; instead, you’ll find dedicated consultants who are committed to your future.


Specialists for sensitive project situations. Our consultants keep a cool head even in the most heated situations. Experienced crisis and restructuring experts take care of critical concerns with a lot of experience and empathy.


Think entrepreneurially, act successfully. Credibility, insider knowledge, problem-solving skills and most importantly: SATISFIED CUSTOMERS make the difference!

Our tasks

POLARIXPARTNER is more than corporate or strategic consulting, because we not only advise, we solve problems! Our experience as management consultants gives us the necessary industry and technical expertise to deal with complex issues.

We carry on where others give up!
Thanks to our great expertise and our specialists in all areas of the manufacturing industry, we execute projects specifically, quickly and according to your requirements. Our consulting is based on industry knowledge, experts and a large network of insiders from all major economic sectors. This way, we can guarantee that you and your company will be advised carefully and comprehensively at all times, even under the most difficult conditions. Openness and transparency are the conditions that will make your project a success. Every customer and every concern is always unique and treated as such.

We create perspectives

Your competitive advantage and a sustained strengthening of your market position are goals that we focus on. We have a foresighted and future-oriented approach to all measures required to achieve these goals. We bear in mind your long-term and therefore sustainable success. This is also reflected in our actions and the implementation of our consulting measures: Whether it’s concept and strategy development; cost management, process optimization and project planning; innovation and change management; or idea development - the spectrum of our "toolbox" is quite large. Finally, we decide together which instruments are best suited for your progress and your increase in value.

We at POLARIXPARTNER believe in our abilities! We have more than 500 successfully completed projects behind us, and we continue to develop ourselves personally and professionally with each new task.


With POLARIXPARTNER Insights we offer you exclusive insights and outlooks of your industry. For example, do you want to know how we assess current developments in your industry or your business sector, where the future of your industry is going, and how to make the best use of new market opportunities?

POLARIXPARTNER Insights supports you with forward-looking white papers, publications and studies. Whether it’s from the automotive, medical technology, pharmaceutical, or aerospace industries, plant construction or mechanical engineering - we have the inside knowledge that will help you with your strategy development.

VDE study: Electromobility is a test for Germany as an automotive location

Is the German automotive industry well prepared for the transition to electromobility?

Welcome Day at the Roland Berger Headquarter in Munich

Scalability and new business potential

CO2 Footprint Optimisation

Magnesium production in Europe

Supply Chain Resilience


About Recycing and Carbon Footprint

CO2 balance optimization

POLARIXPARTNER - Securing Competitive Advantage through Virtual Benchmarking


Chip shortage in the automotive industry

Semiconductors a scarce commodity

A peaceful Christmas and a healthy start into the year 2021!

This year, we are again donating to a social, charitable project.

3D Component Scanning

POLARIXPARTNER expands corporate competence in the reverse engineering area

POLARIXCOSTING | Upgrade with CO2 Calculator function

Costing software for product and service costs

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2020!

This year we support a charity project that is particularly close to our hearts.


more informative, modern and of course responsive.

Operational Management

Plan your future with PolaRisk Coaching

Cost engineering of the future

What do the changes in the automotive industry mean for cost engineering in the future?

Markus Wiederstein in WirtschaftsWoche

Statement in article - Autonomous Driving: "Why carmakers need new partners".

Review | eMove360° Europe

POLARIXPARTNER at the international trade fair for mobility 4.0

POLARIXPARTNER at the 9th BME-VALUE DAY in Neuburg a. d. Donau at AUDI.

July 11th-12th | AUDI Driving Experience Center

Arne Mathias in an interview with the Business Forum.

Challenges of an exciting industry

POLARIXPARTNER and inform GmbH to cooperate

Strategic growth trend with additional engineering competence.

New cooperation with matworks GmbH

Combined competences in pursuit of a clear objective.

More consultants, more competences

POLARIXPARTNER welcome Christian von Mezynski and Fabian Kürschner.

POLARIXPARTNER study about integrated costs management

Many potential savings are left untapped – Markus Wiederstein presents an alterative.

The Chemicals Sector can put its Foot on the Gas Pedal too

What can the process industry learn from Automotive? More than you might think!

Four new consultants at PXP

Even more know-how available to you.

The new company video is live!

Experience POLARIXPARTNER in our new video introduction.

ESSAY: Smart Driving into Tomorrow: The Motor of the Future is Networking.

Tesla’s HMI design shows how the convergence between infotainment and connectivity will revolutionise driving.

WHITE PAPER: Time for 70-year-old Test Drivers?

How engineering in the German car industry needs to react to demographic change.

IZB 2014 Trade Fair: POLARIXPARTNER expert panel at the IZB

Dr. Engelbert Wimmer & Dr. Olaf Dübel (VW) talk about the latest trends.

Markus Wiederstein and Bernd Straub at the sixth BME Value Day 2014

Connecting product development and supply chains on a strategic level

Full stream ahead

POLARIXPARTNER welcomes four new members of staff and expands its IT sourcing department

POLARIXPARTNER is now a member of the itSMF and is continuing to expand its expertise in IT service management

CIO round table on 11/09/2014 at Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart.

POLARIXPARTNER at the 49th BME Purchasing and Logistics Symposium.

12th to 14th November 2014 at the Hotel InterContinental in Berlin

Growth continues at POLARIXPARTNER

Unfailing competence in Medical Technology, Pharmaceuticals, and Chemicals

WHITE PAPER: Setting up in Emerging Markets.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann

WHITE PAPER: Mission Possible: Replacing Therapy Sessions with Management Meetings.

Dr. Engelbert Wimmer

At POLARIXPARTNER, everything points to growth. Seven additions to staff - new offices in Munich and Wolfsburg

The POLARIXPARTNER growth story continues

Markus Wiederstein in study of the consultancy market in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria

Financial Times - Hyundai: Change the mould

China conquers e-moblity - e-mobil BW Technology Day

The future of individual mobility

Markus Wiederstein at the FHDW

At your bookstore now: "Motoring the Future"

New mobility concepts

New mobility concepts - spotlight on Asia

The leading light in consultancy

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