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Technological advances, autonomous driving, connected mobility and connectivity are transforming the automotive industry in a sustainable way. Environmental issues have also become the focus - it is not only since the "emissions scandal" that German automobile manufacturers have been forced to act on future drive and mobility concepts. According to the demands of the Federal Government, one million electric cars will be rolling on Germany's streets by the year 2020. This project also meets the wishes of many consumers who pay more attention to clean drive technologies when buying a car.

Over the next few years, it will become evident which automobile manufacturers and suppliers will be able to deal with the disruptive change. In addition to the drive system electrification, the subjects of networking and digital services (Connected Cars) will gain massive relevance in the automotive industry. The pressure on traditional automobile manufacturers is growing, also with regard to investments in research and development. Pioneering decisions must be made today! A mammoth task that requires clear concepts and the will to change. To cope with these challenges, we need forward-looking strategies and new business models that will restore confidence in the industry and sustainably strengthen its competitiveness.

For many years, POLARIXPARTNER has been advising and supporting well-known car manufacturers and automotive suppliers on strategic direction, market positioning and the substantial increase in the value of their products. Our management consulting specializes in responding quickly and effectively to current developments in the automotive industry. We are prepared for change and to work with you to shape the mobility of the future.

"Changed customer requirements, new mobility concepts and legislative proposals are seriously shifting the automotive industry. Business areas are breaking off, completely new areas and alliances are emerging, and core competencies are subject to disruptive change. Speed and agility will become future distinguishing features in the automotive sector. "

Markus Wiederstein | Managing Director & Partner at POLARIXPARTNER

Areas of activity in the Automotive industry

We support our clients in expanding their opportunities and fully exploiting their potential. As an industry insider, we provide assistance in the assessment of market developments and innovations in the automotive sector, and support you in the development of new business areas (Digital Transformation / Industry 4.0).

A healthy growth and an increase in your company value are goals that we’ll achieve together - your long-term success in the automotive market is our motivation.


Technological trends and innovations |New business models & strategies|Customer value optimization |Competitive & Benchmarking analysis |Turnaround |Due diligence |Red Flag analysis |Risk & opportunity analysis

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Target Costing | Design to Cost (DtC) | Value Engineering | Value Analysis | Best Practice Benchmarking | Optimization, Requirements & Specifications | Optimization & Product Development Process (PDP)

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Value management & Cost management | Purchasing strategies & Optimization| Optimization of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) | Supply Chain Optimization |Overall Supply Chain Effectiveness (OSE) | Bottom-up Cost Analysis for parts prices, Tool costs, Development & Software costs | Supplier Negotiations

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Operational Excellence | Plant Network Optimization| Optimization of direct & indirect Areas | Insourcing & Outsourcing | Design for Manufacturing (DfM, EHPV Optimization) | Relocation of Production & Start-up management | Implementation of Industry 4.0 Solutions

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Project Audit | Project Management & Project Controlling | Opportunity & Risk Management | Project Coaching |Professional Implementation Support| Interim Management

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Creation of new organizational structures | Implementation & Monitoring of change projects | Change Management | Trainings at POLARIXACADEMY | Training on the Job | Coaching & Know-how Transfer

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Challenges in the automotive industry

Automotive suppliers, as well as the automotive industry, have to face new challenges. In addition to cost and competitive pressure, new forms of production - for example digitally connected assembly stations - are coming into focus. Current developments are forcing the industry to achieve a higher degree of flexibility and agility in production and logistics. However, the prognosis for growth is favorable if important decisions are made early.

POLARIXPARTNER supports you in the development of new markets, the expansion of market niches, the increase of customer satisfaction, the quality assurance of your products and the development of new business models. Together with you, we move the industry and deliver concepts and solutions to secure your market position in the long term and expand your business field.


Changing customer needs require agility at all levels: we offer the know-how for connectivity and new mobility concepts.


As a competent, reliable partner, we assist you in the implementation of all measures to reduce CO2 fleet emissions.


We are solution-oriented and prepared for change: from modern drive concepts through autonomous driving to connectivity - innovation is our area of expertise!


Disruptive business areas and change in the entire industry demand the highest level of innovation through constant cost pressure. We support the transformation process.


Know-how for change - Automotive OEM versus mobility provider. We have concepts to change value chains and the depth of added value and to help you secure your competitive position.

Examples of automotive projects

The more diverse your challenges, the more individual our solutions. Our consultants question, analyze and develop new solutions together with you. See it for yourself.

Cost analysis & cost reduction for battery systems

Creation of cost transparency and detection of potential savings for two battery systems of an international automotive supplier.


An international automotive supplier develops and sells battery systems for well-known OEMs for their use in plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. The product costs of two systems were above the target price agreed with the OEM customer.

POLARIXPARTNER's task was to create cost transparency and to identify and evaluate cost reduction potential for purchased parts.



  • Detailed target price calculations of product costs for both battery systems
  • Cost calculation of prototype and forming dies
  • Commercial potential and clear cost transparency through constant comparison with the latest offer values of the requested suppliers
  • Identification of further potential and risks through value analysis workshops


  • Potential savings in a mid-double-digit million euro amount
  • Comprehensive overview of the cost situation
Tesla Model X: Dismantling, Documentation and Evaluation

Dismantling, documentation and evaluation of the electronic machine, transmission and power electronics of a Tesla Model X for a German premium OEM.


Tesla is the world leader in premium e-vehicles with Model S and X. In Model X, Tesla has sustainably improved the drive unit compared to Model S in terms of series production suitability. With partially new and unconventional approaches, Tesla sets new standards in the automotive industry and is seen as the benchmark for premium e-vehicles.

POLARIXPARTNER disassembled, documented and evaluated the Tesla Model X with regard to the electric engine, transmission and power electronics.



  • Dismantling, documentation of the electric engine, transmission and power electronics modules
  • Derivation of performance features and functional principles
  • Detailed bottom-up cost evaluation of the analysis scopes
  • Comparison of the Tesla solution with the current concept of the German premium OEM
  • Formulation of technical and functional optimization ideas
Establishment and development of value and cost management

Establishment and development of value and cost management at a German premium OEM.


The customer focused primarily on innovation and a model offensive. Cost management was only triggered by purchasing, and it was focused on supplier competition. Management has identified the need for cost reduction in all phases of product development.

POLARIXPARTNER had the task of creating value and cost management within a year. The project team comprised around 40 people - five to eight experts were involved.



  • Development of a target vision for future cost management that covers internal / external interfaces, organization, processes, tools & systems, and knowledge management
  • Setup & improvement of standards & processes for the realization of the target vision
  • 25 pilot projects for concept testing with customers
  • Active coaching of customer employees as part of the pilot projects & adapted training sessions to improve cost-management basics, technical knowledge and implementation skills
Engine benchmark of five truck diesel engines

Execution of an engine benchmark of five truck diesel engines to calculate cost potential for a premium OEM.


The customer is developing a new diesel engine to fulfill future emission requirements and reduce fuel consumption. The competition has launched a new generation of engines into the market, which have advantages in terms of costs, fuel consumption and emissions. The engine works as a platform engine and it should be built worldwide. Due to massive increases in unit numbers, significant cost savings are required to achieve the business plan values despite the increase in functions.

POLARIXPARTNER was commissioned with an engine benchmark.



  • Complete dismantling and documentation (pictures, weight, technology) of five truck engines
  • Creation of parts lists and cost assessment of all five engines
  • Comparison of different concepts
  • Identification of technical, commercial, process and supply chain potentials for the current customer engine
  • Execution of design-to-cost workshops with the customer team to further identify and verify cost potential


  • Complete benchmark documentation of engines
  • Evaluated measures for cost optimization of the existing engine concept
Cost tracking and target costing of trucks

Achieving the target cost of a new truck generation of a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer.


The new or modified assemblies of a new generation of trucks have been subjected to tension with respect to the given market situation and target costs. There was a gap of 30% between concept level and target. There was no clear data management or an overview for effective project controlling.

POLARIXPARTNER was commissioned 10 months before the concept decision to ensure target cost achievement. More than 130 employees of the development, purchasing, controlling and production departments were involved in the project. Active support in controlling was initiated, as well as coaching and training of project teams.



  • Introduction of an access-based database to track all components in terms of material costs and internal manufacturing costs for four reference vehicles
  • Bottom-up reviews to verify top-down targets
  • Supporting the development teams in concept design through regular, cross-functional cost-down workshops
  • Coaching of employees and development of cost engineering


  • Reliable database for total and individual costs including automatic change tracking
  • Cost transparency over the entire development project
  • Cost savings of 20% by implementing technical production potential
Cost model of silicon/carbon compounds

Development of a cost model for silicon / carbon compounds as anode materials for Li-ion batteries on behalf of a premium automotive OEM.


The customer plans sourcing strategies for silicon / carbon compounds for their use as anode materials for lithium batteries in BEVs or PHEVs. The defined sourcing markets are Germany and Asia. Special target specifications of purity and mass composition were established.

POLARIXPARTNER's task was to develop and validate a cost model for the large-scale production of input materials.



  • Analysis of possible synthetic routes for the production of silicon / carbon compounds
  • Construction of a cost model for the respective large-scale chemical processes
  • Cost comparison of alternative synthetic routes


  • Cost model for the synthetic routes of the silicon/carbon target product for the defined target markets in Germany and Asia
  • Intermediate costs and decision making support for an optimal value chain
Technical project management for software teams

Assistance for software teams in the agile project environment of an agricultural machinery manufacturer.


A modern tractor generation with features derived from a new transmission variant and autonomous GPS control has been developed.

POLARIXPARTNER has been tasked with providing technical guidance to agile software teams with regard to portfolio management, global quality guidelines and production requirements.



  • Establish a team of onsite software project managers
  • Set up a release planning process to control feature progress
  • Release of software for test iterations and serial production
  • Documentation of efforts and retrospectives with the teams for the optimization of effort evaluation


  • A new generation of tractors was successfully launched onto the market in December 2016
  • Positive feedback in the market regarding transmission performance and new software functionalities

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