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Change is an opportunity to evolve in your organization! Reducing resistance or reservations requires a distinctive intuition, communication skills and experience with change processes.

Together with your company, we develop solutions that have a lasting effect. At POLARIXACADEMY, both stakeholders and employees affected by the changes are involved in all processes at an early stage, and given further training - motivation, information and training for those involved is the motto of POLARIXACADEMY.

Sustainable change management also means that we dive deep into your organizational structures, processes and systems. Experience, clear communication and SCRUM concepts that are as individual as your company make us trusted partners of many well-known companies. Together with you, we realize sustainable changes.

Our consulting services

Together with you, we realize changes and create change strategies within your organization that are sustainably successful. These are our expertise areas:

Building new organizational structures

Execution and monitoring of SCRUM projects

Change Management


Understanding and using SCRUM

Agile product cost management according to SCRUM

Agiles Management

Planing the future

Today, companies face strong challenges and increasing pressure from the market and global customers. Product innovations have to reach the clients’ market faster while customer requirements are constantly increasing.

Our general experience in product development as well as implemented cost reduction projects clearly indicate the following main characteristics: The SCRUM process itself proves a reduced implementation time and a higher degree of product maturity compared to reference projects with a classic approach to product development. Properly designed SCRUM projects are more efficient with better results in reaching cost targets and project teams have a tendency to achieve a more productive outcome due to shorter iterations

POLARIXPARTNER can provide successful support at all levels:

  • Implementation of SCRUM process in your company organization
  • Flexible adaptation of the SCRUM framework conditions to customer-specific conditions
  • Definition of the product backlog (Product owner) and implementation of the SCRUM process (SCRUM Master)

  • Management of complex development projects or selected SE (Simultaneous Engineering) development teams
  • Leading creative workshops for brainstorming and agile implementation of product benchmarks
  • Coaching of agile product teams and executives
  • Facilitation of development and purchasing teams within the organization. Such facilitation is impartial and completely neutral in content. It provides clear structures, principles and practices and ensures their fulfillment.

As innovative consulting, POLARIXPARTNER successfully applies agile solution ideas and approaches from the SCRUM processes in-house. It is our goal to increase our customer’s added value noticeably based on our proven practical experience and professional expertise.

Examples of leadership and change projects

SCRUM Product Owner activity for display applications

Technical project management for SW teams


A display software was required for visualization of display elements for agricultural implements. In the context of an implementation according to SCRUM, a product definition suited to customer needs was required.



  • Development of a product roadmap to identify feature level and timeline
  • Definition of the necessary features in the product backlog
  • Prioritisation
  • Review of development status (Sprint Output) with relevant stakeholders
    Feature approval


  • Launch of the new implement display function in mid-2015
  • Successful ISOBUS certification
  • High product acceptance by end customers and implement manufacturers
Mobile Air Conditioning Commercial Vehicle

Target cost achievement through optimized design layout and supplier market analysis by using the SCRUM process.


There is a high cost gap between real and target costs for the new product series.
Cost-optimized definition of the overall system, selection of nominated suppliers.
Strongly growing and in-homogeneous customer team.
7 months: Determination of the most effective system design.
3 months: Selection of strategic suppliers & target cost implementation.



  • Steering the development and purchasing team within the SCRUM process
  • Analysis of the system design
  • Benchmark of comparable competitive concepts
  • Conducting DtC workshops to determine best practice in design and functional concepts
  • Determination of target costs
  • Global RFQ inquiries with > 5 quotations / system scope
  • Selection of system suppliers and negotiation of planned target costs


  • Definition of the system design for the current series and implementation of the planned target costs
  • Cost savings of > 28 % for overall system vs. planned costs
Fully automated system medical technology

Integration of a DtC approach into an existing SCRUM development project for fully automated systems in laboratories.


Significant product cost savings to increase competitiveness and customer acceptance.
Very long development cycles.
Demanding product premises of quality and design.
Very complex electronics for controlling the inductive drive system.
Identification of technical and commercial potentials before and after the start of series production.
Compliance with technical standards (ISO 13485).
Project duration: 6 months.
Project team: > 20, cross-functional from R&D, purchasing and quality.



  • Itegration of DtC measures into an existing SCRUM project of the customer
  • In-depth bottom-up cost analysis of mechanical and electronic components
  • Conducting DtC & DtM Workshops
  • Determination of cost reduction potentials for series production
  • Global RFQ inquiries with > 5 quotations / system scope
  • Preselection of system suppliers and negotiation of planned target costs


  • Determination of the system design for the current series and implementation cost savings of the overall system vs. planned costs of > 35 %
Organizational Development

Establishment of cost management for an international construction equipment manufacturer.


Extreme competition, high cost pressure and strong market fluctuations on the part of the customer meet a low production capacity with a high number of variants.

POLARIXPARTNER was responsible for setting up an integrated and networked value and cost management organization in the company with a uniform tool and process environment that already starts in the product development phase.



  • Training and know-how transfer
  • Design-to-cost for product optimization
  • Support in supplier negotiations


  • Introduction of a cost management organization
  • Sustainable reduction of purchase prices
Bundling software engineering in a central organization

Definition & Introduction of a central software development organization of a leading supplier of commercial vehicles.


POLARIXPARTNER took over the task of reorganization: realignment of the entire engineering area, in which all software engineering activities for electronic control units are brought together under one organizational roof.



  • Definition of the most important guidelines for the new organization
  • Evaluation of the organizational and process-related problem areas, development of solution proposals
  • Redefinition of international team structures for 220 software engineers including a communication plan
  • State-of-the-art standards for embedded software engineering: more flexibility in resource use and increased productivity

POLARIXACADEMY offers manufacturers and suppliers a comprehensive qualification program in the field of value and cost management, with more than 20 modules for basic, technological and implementation knowledge.

Alone with the negotiation training modules for cost and value analysts and buyers, more than 500 participants were trained with relevant examples in the field.


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